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Corporate Citizenship

Thyssenkrupp (China) Ltd. actively fulfills corporate social responsibility, and takes the promotion of harmonious development of Chinese society as its own duty, which shows its strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission. The Company has made positive contributions to university-enterprise cooperation, community public benefit, charity activities, etc, and has set a good corporate image.

Over the years, Thyssenkrupp (China) Ltd. has got involved in various public benefit undertakings, actively participated in public benefit activities initiated by governments, charity federations and foundations. It offers funds to Hope Primary Schools, shows care for vulnerable groups, organizes love donation, and takes part in activities for showing respect for older people. In addition, the Company strengthens close cooperation with schools around the country, invites students and teachers to visit the factory and classic projects, enlightens the public’s interest in technology and engineering, and provides students with career planning suggestions.

Through a variety of projects of corporate social responsibility, Thyssenkrupp (China) Ltd. actively serves and supports social development establishes good market environment and social economic relations, promotes sustainable development of enterprise and society, and fulfills social responsibility as a corporate citizen.


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Corporate Citizenship

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