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Environment and climate

Environmental and climate protection is an important corporate objective for ThyssenKrupp and thus an inherent part of the corporate strategy. As a diversified industrial group, ThyssenKrupp has an impact on the environment and therefore takes its responsibility to conserve resources and protect the natural resources in a responsible manner.

In the development of new products, services and technologies, as well as in our production processes we strive to minimize the impact on the environment and climate.

A key factor is the continuous development of measures to improve local environmental protection by our Group Companies – in particular in the areas of waste management and recycling, air pollution prevention, noise prevention, energy efficiency, climate protection and the protection of soil, water and nature. For the implementation we have set up a group-wide environmental and climate management and a binding environmental and climate policy.

We offer our customers efficient solutions in the application areas "Material", "Mechanical" and "Plant" which help to improve their environmental performance and to reduce their carbon footprint.


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