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Steel Europe

Steel is by far the most important industrial material. The Steel Europe business area is one of the world's technology leaders in carbon steel flat products. With around 28,000 dedicated employees and highly efficient production facilities, the business area supplies intelligent steel products for the innovations of tomorrow. Steel is the basis for the living standards of highly developed industrialized nations and for dynamic growth in emerging economies.


From intelligent material solutions to finished parts

The Steel Europe business area is focused on the attractive and fast-growing market for premium flat carbon steel. Its capabilities range from intelligent material solutions and product-specific processing to comprehensive service. With its expertise in the development of materials, coatings and innovative processing technologies, Steel Europe serves a broad spectrum of steel-using industries, including the automotive, construction, appliance, energy and packaging sectors.

Pacemaker for innovations in steel

The Steel Europe Business Area stands for innovations in steel. It is a pacesetter in the development of high-tech steels, innovative coatings and processing technologies. Steel Europe meets rising auto industry demands for weight reduction and safety with innovative high-strength steels.

The energy industry profits at many levels from innovative materials developed by Steel Europe: For example, electrical steel ensures over 99 percent efficiency in transformers. Pipe steels are essential for the pipelines used to transport fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

Intelligent steel products for the construction industry include steel-based Solartec photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors. Cooperation with universities and external research institutes is an integral part of the research and development activities of Steel Europe.


Efficient production lines

Steel Europe is also at the forefront when it comes to developing advanced production technologies. Equipment in Duisburg includes Europe’s first casting-rolling line for carbon steel to be operated in an integrated steel mill. Hot-dip coating line 8 in Dortmund is regarded as the most efficient of its kind. In the quest for zero-waste production a shaft furnace has been developed which can convert iron-bearing dust and sludge from steel production back into pig iron.

With its outstanding expertise in the area of hot stamping, Steel Europe supports its customers around the world with special materials, coatings and technologies such as tailored tempering and with intensive technical and applications advice. The high blank temperature during stamping guarantees excellent forming behavior, while the subsequent rapid cooling gives the material an extremely hard microstructure. Hot stamping technology is therefore used in particular for automotive safety parts.


Steel Europe
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