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Components Technology

The Components Technology business unit companies share two things in common: their high-grade components and their worldwide leadership positions.

For example the Business Area will produce assembled camshafts and ready-to-install net-machined crankshafts and engine components. Millions of these components are used in internal combustion engines of all conceivable kinds. With their remarkable performance and low weight they repeatedly demonstrate their superiority.

thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems is focused in particular on system solutions for car and truck chassis. For example, the company assembles the front and rear axles of all Porsche models.

Components Technology is the world's leading manufacturer of large slewing bearings which have proven themselves in general mechanical engineering, in conveying, mining and extraction systems, in harbor, ship and construction cranes, and in earthmoving machinery. Other typical applications are solar and wind energy plants, tunneling, machines, offshore engineering, and industrial robots.

The Business Area's range includes also crawler and crawler components for mining, forestry and agricultural machines, excavators, bulldozers, and track-mounted tractors.

Furthermore Components Technology develops and manufactures steering shafts, steering columns and steering gears which in millions of vehicles around the globe make sure that motorists arrive safely at their destination. The steering columns, manually adjustable in height and length, are remarkable for their outstanding safety concepts while offering an appreciable level of driver comfort.

Components Technology is a global synonym for innovative and high-tech auto chassis products. The capabilities encompass the entire range of damper and suspension components as well as first-tier system solutions for passenger cars and trucks. For years now, the Business Area has also been the preferred supplier to the racing and tuning communities.

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